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Témoignage de Rachel King, diplômée en 2015

Traductrice juridique et financière chez Over the word (Français-Espagnol > Anglais)

Publié le 7 février 2018 Mis à jour le 17 mars 2022
“Thanks to the Double Masters in French Translation, I was lucky enough to get my start as an in-house translator at Over the Word, a legal and financial translation agency in Lyon.
After an intensive six-month internship, I joined the English team as a French and Spanish-to-English translator and proofreader, where I worked until 2017.
I now work as a freelancer translator, and thoroughly enjoy being my own boss. I’ve built up a regular client base over the last few years, translating all kinds of projects for translation agencies and direct clients throughout Europe.
I also teach a translation class at Lyon 3 every year, helping to train and guide the next generation of professional translators.
The specialised classes and internship program at Jean Moulin University provided a clear pathway to joining the world of professional translation. Thanks to the programme, I now specialise in financial, corporate and legal translation – something I never would have imagined back when I started my degree in 2013.”