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11110394 - Anglais civilisation

Niveau de diplôme Licence - Semestre 4
Crédits ECTS 3
Volume horaire total 22
Volume horaire CM 12
Volume horaire TD 10



Approfondir les connaissances des étudiants sur la société américaine contemporaine, développer la maîtrise de la méthodologie des exercices universitaires, notamment la dissertation et le commentaire de documents historiques.


This class focuses on U.S. history from 1865 to 1929, through the lens of the ideology of “progress” and the contradictory ways it has been apprehended over that period. The themes discussed will include, among others, the reconstruction of the American society after the Civil War, the rise of modern capitalism, the birth of the women’s rights movement and the Progressive Era. The TDs will rely on contemporary texts, paintings and films to help students further explore these topics.


  • Lears, Jackson. Rebirth of a Nation. The Making of Modern America, 1877-1920. New York: HarperCollins, Perennial edition, 2010
  • Merk, Frederick. Manifest Destiny and Mission in American History. Harvard: Harvard University Press, 1995
  • Shi & Tindall, America: A narrative history, brief edition. WW Norton, 2012 (any edition 8-12)

Contrôles des connaissances

Terminal Ecrit (TE) : dissertation et question de cours