Double Diplôme Lyon3-Monash University

Master of Letters (Translation Studies)

Master mention Langues Etrangères Appliquées spécialité Langues-Droit-Gestion

Master mention Langues Cultures Etrangères Spécialité Etudes Anglophones


Monash University (Melbourne) and the University of Lyon (Jean Moulin, France) are pleased to announce a new degree, which is the result of collaboration between Monash Translation Studies program and Jean Moulin Faculty of Languages.


The new double Master is aimed at both French and Australian students. Its objective is the training of future translators, working in both language directions, English to French or French to English. Courses are taught collaboratively by academics and by professional translators, and are based both on theory and practice.

The training, both academic and professional, is particularly adapted to the requirements of this multi-faceted profession, at the crossroads between numerous professional fields.

Bilingual and Professional Training

Eligible students follow courses in two languages (English and French) and are totally immersed in two cultures, as they spend a full year in Australia and a full year in France.
Throughout these two years, they will undertake practical training with practitioners of this industry (professional translators, translation agencies, language service providers, etc.), as well as with French and/or Australian companies that need such services. This work experience should provide them with key contacts and excellent opportunities for their future career.  

Course Curriculum

First year (M1) in Australia

Eligible students spend the first year (M1 - 2 semesters) in Australia, at Monash University, within the Translation Studies Program which provides qualification to pursue a career as a professional translator and whose course is approved by NAATI (National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters).
They enrol in 4 translation units, structured around core seminars (in English) for all students enrolled in the Master, and language-specific workshops (in this case English/French). 

M1 total: 48 points (or 60 ects).

Second year (M2) in France

Then, students spend the second year (M2 - 2 semesters) in Lyon, France, where they choose units within Jean Moulin University English Studies department (in either LCE or LEA Masters) and write their master's thesis in the second semester. This thesis can either be a research thesis, or a professional thesis written after undertaking an internship over several months within a company.

M2 total: 48 points (or 60 ects).


On completion

At the end of the course, on successful completion of both academic programs, students obtain two distinct degrees: the Master of Letters (Translation Studies) awarded by Monash University and the Master of English Studies or of Applied Foreign Languages awarded by Jean Moulin University.

Courses are run in Australia from July to June (M1) and in France from September to June (M2) and will start in July 2009.


Eligibility Requirements

For further information on the eligibility requirements or on the course curriculum of the double Master, please contact:

Jean Moulin University - Lyon III :
Dr. Denis Jamet Yarra
Head of the English Studies Department

Monash University, Melbourne :
Marc Orlando,
Translation and Interpreting Studies/French Studies

Or visit the following websites: