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Témoignage de Bonnie Einsiedel, diplômée en 2016

Traductrice indépendante (français > anglais)

Publié le 7 février 2018 Mis à jour le 8 février 2018
“I work in Lyon as a freelance translator specialising in human and social sciences, and marketing and communication. I started my business in November 2016 after completing the Double Master and now have a full-time workload, predominantly translating, but also revising and proofreading texts, transcribing, etc. I work with a range of clients and translation agencies and am lucky to collaborate regularly with theLaboratoire Triangle (CNRS) at Lyon’s École Normale Supérieure, following my invaluable final-year placement with the political science research unit. The Double Master and this placement thoroughly prepared me both theoretically and practically for the profession of translator. Completing the second year of the master in the country of my second (and “source”) language was beneficial professionally, linguistically and culturally.”