1111105 - Anglais Culture

Crédits ECTS 6
Volume horaire CM 0



Licence 1 - LCE - Semestre 1 - Année universitaire 2009-2010 Enseignant: Lawrence GASQUET Langue d'enseignement : anglais Thème du cours : The purpose of this course is to introduce British literature to first-year students.  

The course will provide students with the literary terms and concepts they will need to understand and use. The students will be invited to read as many classics as possible, as well as to find out how the movement of ideas they illustrate were important in the history of British Literature.


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  • GRELLET, Françoise. A Handbook of Literary Terms. Paris: Hachette, 1996.
  • GRELLET, Françoise, VALENTIN, Hélène, An Introduction to English Literature. From Sir Philip Sidney to Graham Swift. Paris: Hachette, 1983.
  • REGARD, Frédéric. Histoire de la littérature anglaise. Paris: PUF, 2009.

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